Camo Fish Guide Service

Camo Fish Guide Service's website is home to the only U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain and Kentucky commercial licensed fishing guide on the Ohio River in the Henderson, Kentucky area. 

Captain Paul has 30 years of fishing experience. For the last 18 years he has become fond of fishing the Ohio River because it is not only thrilling to catch a variety of fish but also a challenge.  We would like to welcome you to fish with us for a multitude of species including Catfish, Sauger and Striper's (all 3 species). The Ohio River is home to large number's of Blue Cat's some of which top the 60 lb mark and in 2010 several fish were caught over 70 lbs. 

For serious tournament angler's Captain Paul is now doing "River Familiarization/Tournament Preparation" trips and offering Classes to new river angler's so drop us an e-mail or call us and we will give the details.  Don't hesitate to call because if there's one thing Captain Paul enjoy's as much as fishing- it is talking about fishing!

The state of Virginia offers many choices for the avid fishermen, either fresh water or salt water. The Chesapeake area is especially good for fishing. Come visit and enjoy a plentiful and varied catch.

Just visited Massachusetts this past July and was impressed to see that my cousin Marc had installed solar panels in his Plainville home. He had the fine folks at Solar Systems MA install his solar panels. He says that in just 6 years the solar panels will be paid for, and he'll enjoy free electricity for the following 20-30 years - not a bad deal. I will be contacting solar installers here in Kentucky to see if it will work for me.



This Spring has been an amazing flop so far due to extremely high record setting flood waters.  Things are about to change and we are going to get even.  By Sat May 21st the river is going to be fishable and at a manageable level to catch some good fish.  This time last yr we had already caught several fish over 60 lbs and one 75 lb giant.  The skipjack are in full swing upriver at the dams that are fishable so when it gets down they will be catchable here for a few weeks.  Mooneye is also one of my favorite baits as well and will be biting soon.

They are a bait not too many folks no how to catch, where to find and what to target them with.  If you are looking to learn some bait fishing techniques, they can be incorporated into the trip so now would be a good time to take advantage of this service.  The water temps are at a level where drifting for blues will also be the technique of choice.  In the past after a major flood of this nature the fishing was superb for just about all species.  Get your boat ready, it's fixin' to happen.  Check out the spring Blue my good friend caught with me last yr.

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